Jean Jacques Weiss

Gravestone of Jean Jacques Weiss,
Protestant cemetery, Mulhouse
Born: 9 February 1818, Mulhouse
Death: 8 April 1897, Mulhouse

Father: Jean Georges Weiss, 1785-1874
Mother: Barbara Blech, 1786-1843

Spouse: Amélie Schlumberger, 1827-1900
Married 6 June 1850 in Mulhouse.

  • Hélène, 1851-
  • Mathilde, 1854- 
  • Cécile, 1860-
  • Georges, 1873-1968
Biographical information
Also known by the German variation of his name: Johann Jakob.

At the time of his marriage Jean Jacques Weiss' occupation was noted as Master Tanner, skills he most likely learnt from his father. By the time of the birth of his son Georges, his occupation was listed as something different, which I can't decipher! However, a clue here is that he was the city official who was signing all the other birth registrations, except for his own son George's. I suspect he was a deputy mayor, though I haven't found any documentation to back this up.

Jean Jacques died in Mulhouse on 8 April, 1897, and was buried in the Protestant cemetery, Mulhouse. I believe the "Jean Juillard" shown also on the gravestone was a descendant, possibly a grandson or great grandson.