Hans Wyss


Born: Abt 1550, Mulhouse
Died: Dates and location unknown

Father: Hans Wyss, dates unknown
Mother: unknown

Spouse 1: Marguerite Küttler
Date of marriage unknown.

  • Wybrandt Wyss, 1579-?
  • Johannes Wyss, 1580-?
  • Margredt Wyss, 1584-?
  • Conrad Wyss, 1586-?

Spouse 2: Marie Benner, 1575-1628
Married on 14 May 1593, Mulhouse.

  • Caspar Wyss, 1594-?
  • Anna Wyss, 1595-?
  • Eva Wyss, 1598-?
  • Hans Wyss, 1599-1668

Biographical information
More commonly known in modern literature as Jean Weiss but more likely known to his contemporaries as Hans.

There are some discrepancies in the dates for Hans Wyss - despite the fact that most information on the internet has Hans Wyss marrying Marie Benner on 14 May 1593, and suggests that he married Marguerite Küttler before that (Ernest Meininger's notes in the Archives Municipales de Mulhouse have Marguerite as his first wife and Marie as his second), the Stadt Mülhausen privilegiertes Bürgerbuch says that he was made a citizen on 21 December 1601. Men were made citizens on their wedding day, but this date is after both suggested dates for his marriages. This needs further work to clear it up.