Marie Baumgarten

Gaspard, Marie, and their eldest child Charlotte.
The artwork is said to be a pastel by Sir Joshua Reynolds.
Born: 21 July 1755, London, England
Died: 26 Germinal Year 6 (15 April 1798), Mulhouse

Father: Samuel Christian Frederick Baumgarten, 1724-1798
Mother: Mary Joynes, about 1729-1770

Spouse: Jean Gaspard Weiss, 1739-1815
Married on 22 August 1775, St Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London, England. Married under the names of Gaspar Weiss (of the parish of St Ann, Westminster) and Mary Baumgarten (of St Martin in the Fields, Westminster). Permission was given by Marie's father for her to marry, as she was a minor. Witnesses: Sam. Baumgarten (Marie's father) and S. Ealand.

Marie and Gaspard met through Marie's father - Gaspard and Samuel Baumgarten played in concerts together.


Biographical information
According to the archivist Ernest Meininger, Marie Baumgarten was from Nassau-Usingen. This information is due to an uncharacteristic error on his part - he assumed the Baumgarten family was the same as the local Baumgartner family, which originated in Nassau-Usingen. This is not the case - the two families are totally separate, and my research suggests that the Baumgarten family, of which Marie was a member, may have originated in Baden, Germany.

Marie was baptised at St Margaret Westminster, Middlesex, England, on 15 August 1755. Little is known about Marie, however, when she was around 19 years old she attended a boarding school to learn how to manage a household, as was customary for girls like her in England at the time. Occasionally Marie came home to visit her recently widowed father, which was when Gaspard met her and had the opportunity to talk to her, and was attracted by her modest character.

Marie died in Mulhouse, and according to a letter written by a descendant, H. Bretegnier- Desaulles, published with the autobiography of Marie's husband, she died giving birth to daughter Rosine Angelique. Interestingly, this source states she died on 13 April 1798.

A note about Marie's death date:
Most published information says that Marie's death was on 16 April 1798. However, I have translated (from French) the original death record, signed by both her husband Gaspard, and her brother William, which is held with the Archives Départementales du Haut Rhin. The record states that she died at 8 in the evening on the 26th of the month of Germinal (French Revolutionary Calendar), which I believe equates to the 15th of April.