William Baumgarten


Born: 2 April 1764, London, England
Died: 18 November 1844, Mulhouse

Father: Samuel Christian Frederic Baumgarten, 1724-1798
Mother: Mary Joynes, about 1729-1770

Spouse: Anne Catherine Schlumberger, 1766-1845
Married on 9 May 1787 in Mulhouse.

  • Médard, 1789-1845
  • Elisabeth, 1791-1862
  • Marie, 1794-?

Biographical information
Also known by the French variation of his name: Guillaume.

William was baptised at St Andrews Holborn, Middlesex, on May 2, 1764. Nothing is known of his early life, but at some stage he made his way to Mulhouse. It is possible he followed his sister Marie there, when she moved there with her family in 1784. 

William married Anne Catherine Schlumberger in Mulhouse on May 9, 1787. In November of the same year, he applied, assisted by his father-in-law, Médard Schlumberger, to the Grand Council of Mulhouse to become a citizen of Illzach, a commune just north of Mulhouse, part of greater Mulhouse (Schlumberger, 1910). His application was granted with certain conditions, considering they had waived the normal requirements of citizenship (see here for an explanation) on account of him having a large personal fortune. The conditions were that he was not allowed to exercise any profession or trade (presumably only for a limited amount of time), he needed to pay sum of money to the council for both himself and his wife, he had to reside in Illzach, and within two years buy and hold a certain amount of personal property and real estate.

William was listed in the Burgerbuch for Mulhouse in 1798 (Ehrsam, 1850), under the name of "Wilhelm Baumgartner". I have found that in some publications regarding Mulhouse, "Baumgarten" and "Baumgartner" appear to be interchangeable, however, when the descendants of Samuel Baumgarten signed their names they always used "Baumgarten". There were Baumgartners in Mulhouse at the time, who apparently had a Hessen background.

Dollfus-Ausset (1865) listed a bonneteries et boutonneries (hosiery and buttons) business in Mulhouse in 1823, run by "Guillaume Baumgarten", which suggests that William had moved from Illzach to Mulhouse by then, and was finally allowed to carry on a profession.

In 1839 his bonneterie business in Mulhouse was listed in a trade directory, but by 1841 it appears that his son Médard may have taken it over, as it was listed with the initial "M" (Lamy, 1839).

At the age of 80, William Baumgarten died at his home at 17 Grand Rue, Mulhouse, at about 11pm on 18 November 1844. 

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