Johannes Weiss


Born: 23 March 1704, Mulhouse
Died: 11 May 1757, Mulhouse

Father: Johannes Weiss, dates unknown
Mother: Elisabeth Engel, dates unknown

Spouse 1: Rosina Pfriend, 1712-1750
Married 21 November 1735, in Mulhouse.

They had three children, only one of which, a daughter survived. Her name is unknown.

Spouse 2: Barbara Heilmann, 1718-1798
Married 22 November 1751, in Mulhouse.

  • Mathias, dates unknown
  • Nicolas, 1756-1843
  • Jean, ?-1772
  • another child

Biographical information
Also known by the French variation of his name: Jean.

According to Meininger (1908), Weiss was admitted to the tribe of marshalls on 25 September 1729, and became a Six of the tribe in 1740. The date of Weiss' admittance to the tribe seems strange, as generally a man wasn't admitted to membership until his marriage - Weiss' first marriage was in 1735. Meininger (1908) also says that in 1741 Weiss was an alderman in the court of the tribe of farmers.

According to the Benezit Dictionary of Artists (2015), Weiss painted coats of arms.

Weiss tried to have fellow painters banned from practicing their art near him on more than one occasion. In August 1755 he filed a complaint against Johann Heinrich Dollfus which was rejected by the magistrate in November of the same year (Bernier, 2005). A year later Weiss was in conflict with the Bergen (Germany) artist Théodore André Genderich, who was residing in Riedisheim at the time. Weiss' request to have Genderich banned from practicing his art in Mulhouse was granted in August 1756. The ban was clearly lifted after Weiss' death though, as Genderich was in charge of the 1779 restoration of the Mulhouse town hall (Ehrsam, 1868).

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