Samuel Henry Baumgarten

Born: 4 March 1752, Westminster, Middlesex, England
Died: 1837, Bognor Regis, Sussex, England

Father: Samuel Christian Frederic Baumgarten, about 1724-1798
Mother: Mary Joynes, about 1729-1770

Spouse: Ann Brydges, about 1759-1836
Married on 24 May, 1798 at Bath, Somerset, England. Ann was from the parish of Walcot, Bath, and a marriage notice in the Hereford Journal, 30 May 1798 announced: "On Thursday was married, at Bath, S.H. Baumgarten, Esq., to Miss Brydges, of Kensington Place, Bath, and late of this city."

  • Charles Henry Thomas, 1799-1857
  • Mary Anne Charlotte, c1802-?

Biographical information
Samuel Henry Baumgarten was born on 4 March 1752, and baptised 11 days later at St Margaret's Westminster, under the name of Samuel Frederick Baumgerten. All other information about him uses the name of Samuel Henry though.

I was unaware of the existence of Samuel Henry for a long time, because he was not mentioned in any family information. I recently discovered that this is because he was apparently disowned by the rest of his family after the death of his mother, over a dispute over inheritance money. It started with the death of Henry Joynes, Samuel Henry Baumgarten's maternal grandfather. In his will (National Archives UK document PROB 11/809/413) Henry Joynes distributed his wealth to his surviving children, including Samuel and Mary (wife of Samuel Baumgarten). In the event of Mary's death, he stipulated that her portion of the inheritance was to be divided equally amongst her children.

As it happened, after their father's death in 1754, Samuel Joynes and Mary Baumgarten did receive their inheritances. In June 1770 Samuel Joynes died, and in his will (National Archives UK document PROB 11/959/68), after giving specific things to his own immediate family and his friends, he left the residue of the estate to his sister Mary, and in the event of her death, in trust to her children in equal shares, available to them at the age of 21 years.

Mary Baumgarten died just over a month after her brother Samuel Joynes, and so Samuel Henry Baumgarten, as her eldest surviving son was given everything as her heir. The rest of the Baumgarten family contested this in a series of suits brought before the Court of Chancery over a number of years and eventually, in 1783, the money was distributed equally amongst the surviving Baumgarten children. Clearly, this long-running dispute caused great acrimony between Samuel Henry and his family.

Samuel Henry Baumgarten was in the Royal Marines, though research has not yet uncovered any details about his military service, such as which company or division he was in. He retired from service at the rank of Captain on 1 September 1783.

Baumgarten married quite late, at the age of 46, to Ann Brydges and unusually for the day, they had only two children.

The Baumgarten family were involved in their local church in Bognor and were generous in contributions they made: The Baumgarten Bible.

Samuel Henry Baumgarten died in 1837, probably in February. He was buried at St Mary, Petworth, in Sussex, with his abode listed as Bognor. Interestingly his burial record according to Phillimore's Transcripts says he was 79 (giving him a birth year of approximately 1758), whereas the baptism record for Samuel Frederick Baumgarten says he was born in 1752, making him 85. One wonders therefore whether Samuel Frederick Baumgarten and Samuel Henry Baumgarten were in fact two separate children of Samuel Christian Frederick Baumgarten and Mary Joynes - Samuel Frederick, the firstborn child, may have died as an infant, and then in about 1758 when another son was born they named him Samuel Henry. However since no baptism record for a Samuel Henry Baumgarten has been found, this is only speculation.

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