Jean Antoine Weiss

Born: 18 June 1794, Mulhouse
Died: dates unknown, location possibly Leipzig, Sachsen.

Father: Jean Gaspard Weiss, 1739-1815
Mother: Marie Baumgarten, 1755-1798

Biographical information
The only definite information known about Jean Antoine is that he was born in Mulhouse on 18 June 1794.

According to an entry in a family bible owned by another family member, which I have not myself seen, Jean Antoine apparently died in Leipzig, Sachsen. The date of his death is unknown, and I do not know whether he lived there or whether he was travelling and passing through. It is unknown whether he married (there are no records in Mulhouse to suggest he did) or whether he had any children. His occupation is also unknown. I have searched records from Leipzig of foreigners (Fremdenverzeichnis) and foreign traders (Fremden Handelstand) but have not been able to find his name within those records.