Adelaide Rose Weiss

Adelaide Rose, seated, with her sisters
Emily Annie and Sarah Benigna. Date unknown.
Photo courtesy of N. Hopper.
Born: 19 June 1865, Waverley, New South Wales, Australia
Died: 6 December 1940, Cooranbong, New South Wales, Australia

Father: Frederick Adam Weiss, 1839-1931
Mother: Rosetta Horsey, 1842-1827

Spouse: George Edwin Whittaker (1858-1942)
Married in 1884 in Carcoar, New South Wales, Australia.

  • Mervyn Herbert, 1885-1955
  • Edwin George, 1886-1973
  • Ida Minnie, 1889-1973
  • Linda Rosetta Jane, 1892-1976
  • Arthur Frederick, 1894-1975
  • Doris Adel Alida, 1896-1983
  • Percy W, 1898-1898
  • Stanley Walter Sheldon, 1901-1984
  • Grace Winifred, 1905-1984

Biographical information
Adelaide was the firstborn child of Adam and Rosetta Weiss. She was named after her maternal aunt and her mother.

As with many girls/women in those days, Adelaide didn't do much to draw attention to herself, and thus there is not much about her in the public record. There was no marriage notice placed in a newspaper when she married, neither did the family place birth notices for any of their children.

Adelaide Rose Whittaker (centre), Adelaide's sons Mervyn (back left) and Edwin George (known as George, back right),
and Mervyn and George's wives and their children. Date unknown. 

Adelaide and George met when the Weiss family were living in Kings Plains, George also being from the area. They married when Adelaide was 19 years old. The family lived for many years in Blayney, where George worked as a blacksmith, and had a boot and shoe business and a second-hand dealership.

The family became strong Seventh Day Adventists, and in the 1920s moved to the area of Cooranbong, where the Seventh Day Adventist owned company Sanitarium was based (and thus many SDAs lived in the area). George continued to work as a blacksmith. 

Adelaide died when she was 75 years old, in Cooranbong, and is buried in the Avondale Cemetery there.