Charlotte Mary Weiss

Charlotte, with her parents Gaspard and Marie Weiss.
The artwork is said to be a pastel by Sir Joshua Reynolds.
Born: 30 June 1776, London
Died: 2 January 1796, Mulhouse

Father: Jean Gaspard Weiss, 1739-1815
Mother: Marie Baumgarten, 1755-1798

Biographical information
Charlotte Mary was born in London, and baptised at St Marylebone, Westminster on 31 July 1776, just a month later.

She is depicted in the family pastel which was supposedly done in 1777, as a infant. The back of the artwork says that she died young, which might suggest she died as a young child, however she died at age 19, after the family had moved to Mulhouse to live. The death record states that she died auf Zehrung (of attrition), which suggests that her health weakened over time - perhaps she was a sickly child who never thrived.