Jean Jacques Weiss


Born: 20 February 1784, Mulhouse
Died: 2 November 1853, Mulhouse

Father: Jean Gaspard Weiss, 1739-1815
Mother: Marie Baumgarten, 1755-1798

Spouse: Marie Catherine Françoise Benoit, 1790-1886
Married in Altkirch, 20 October 1813.

  • Marie Catherine Françoise, 1814-1814
  • Jacques, 1815-?
  • Françoise Amélie, 1817-1864
  • Andre Emil, 1818-?
  • Eugénie, 1820-?
  • Angélique, 1823-?
  • Sophie, 1825-?
  • Françoise, 1829-1830

Biographical information
He was commonly known as Jacques or Jacob.

It took some time to find the marriage record for Jacques and his wife because they weren't actually married in Mulhouse, but rather in Altkirch. The marriage record says that at the time of the marriage in 1813, Jacques was residing in Soultzmatt, where he was the Directeur des bauer de Soultzmatt - presumably meaning he was managing a farm in Soultzmatt. Soultzmatt is a winery area, so perhaps the farm was a vineyard.

Two children - Marie Catherine Françoise and Jacques - were born while the family was in Soultzmatt, though unfortunately the civil records for that period (1813-1815) appear to have been lost, and the information is only known from the Tables décennales.

By 1817 when daughter Françoise Amélie was born, the family was apparently living in Mulhouse, and Jacques was working as a negociant (merchant). According to the birth record of son Andre Emil in 1818, the family was living in Altkirch, while Jacques continued to work as a merchant. However by 1820, when daughter Eugénie was born, Jacques was once again working as a merchant in Mulhouse, and the family continued to live there until Jacques' death.

When Jacques' daughter Angelique got married in 1852, the year before he died, Jacques' occupation was listed as debutant de tabac (tabacconist). I wonder if this was what he was selling as a merchant all along...

Jacques Weiss died in November 1853 in Mulhouse in his home on rue des Boulangers, aged 69. One of the witnesses for his death record was his son-in-law Ernest Devillers, husband of Angélique.