Charles Fréderic Weiss


Born: 4 August 1792, Mulhouse
Died: 4 April 1876, Mulhouse

Father: Jean Gaspard Weiss, 1739-1815
Mother: Marie Baumgarten, 1755-1798

Biographical information
Also known by the French variation of his name: Carl Friedrich or just Fréderic/Friedrich.

There is no known record of Fréderic being married or fathering children, which is probably why there is very information available about him.

He was born in Mulhouse in 1792, and the next record for him is in 1823 as a witness for the birth of his niece Angélique Weiss (daughter of Jean Jacques). He was listed by his full name Charles Frederic Weiss, though signed "F. Weiss". His occupation was dessinateur - which can be translated as designer or draftsman. It is probable that he worked in the fabric printing trade in Mulhouse.

In 1833 he was a witness for the death of his sister Elisabeth, listed as Fréderic Weiss, and signing as such. His occupation was again dessinateur.

The notes in the back of the autobiography of Fréderic's father, Gaspard Weiss, suggest that he died in about 1850 in Mulhouse. However, a thorough search of the civil records for Mulhouse reveals that he died on 4 April 1876, aged 83.