Samuel Weiss


Born: 29 July 1787, Mulhouse
Died: 14 November 1821, Mulhouse

Father: Jean Gaspard Weiss, 1739-1815
Mother: Marie Baumgarten, 1755-1798

Biographical information
Samuel Weiss did not marry.

In the correspondence from his father Gaspard Weiss, contained in his father's autobiography, Gaspard seems to have a tender concern for Samuel, often mentioning him and his struggles to Samuel's siblings. According to a letter his father sent to his brother Willoughby Gaspard, in 1814 Samuel went to Plombières (probably Plombières-les-Bains, a spa town in France) to recover from an illness of the nerves from which he was suffering. That he died aged 34 suggests that his constitution may not have been strong during his life. According to his death record he died at the home of his brother-in-law Godefroi Hofer. His brother Jean Georges Weiss was a witness for the death record.