Paul Weiss


Born: 6 June 1791, Mulhouse
Died: about 1812

Father: Jean Gaspard Weiss, 1739-1815
Mother: Marie Baumgarten, 1755-1798

Biographical information
Very little is known about Paul Weiss. He was a witness for the birth of his niece Julie, daughter of Jean Georges Weiss, in January 1811. His occupation given in the birth record was merchant.

The notes in the back of the autobiography of Paul's father, Gaspard Weiss, claim that Paul was killed in Napoleon's invasion of Russia (which began in June 1812). This information is taken from a very old family bible that is owned by another family member. I have not seen the bible, but I believe there is no more information than that about Paul's death. Certainly his death is not recorded in Mulhouse. Would he have fought for Napoleon in Russia? It would be interesting if he had - his father certainly identified as German rather than French, as did his brother Charles Nicholas. However, Paul was only seven years old when Mulhouse unified with France in 1798, and perhaps he didn't feel the same patriotism to his former "nationality" that Charles Nicholas and his father did. Or perhaps he was just after some adventure. Whatever the case, it is unlikely that there is any concrete evidence that Paul fought and died in Russia, as he would have been just one of hundreds of thousands from Napoleon's Grande Armée who died in the Russian Campaign.