Derby Weiss

Born: 1835, England
Died: Date and location unknown

Father: Charles Nicholas Weiss, 1789-1845
Mother: Benigna Catharina von Holst, c1801-1845

Biographical information
All that is known of Derby is from the 1841 English Census, where he is listed as six years old and not born in the county of Middlesex. Being six years old, it is likely that he was born in either Liverpool or Manchester - the family lived in Liverpool when his older sister Caroline was born, and in Manchester when his younger brother Egmont was born. According to advertising in Manchester newspapers of 1834-5, it is more probable that they were in Manchester by the time of Derby's birth.

It is not known or where when Derby died, but it is likely that it was between the date of the 1841 Census (June 6) and the date of his younger brothers' baptisms in Aden on 27 July 1842.

In the 1841 English Census the original transcriber rendered Derby's name as Carley (it has been corrected). This is definitely wrong, even though we have no birth or death records to confirm it - the names of Derby and his siblings were in alphabetical order: A for Adelaide, B for Bernard, and so on. If his name wasn't actually Derby it certainly started with the letter D.